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The Body Sanctuary is pleased to introduce Karl Pascascio.  Karl is a Certified Reflexology Practitioner/Instructor and Ionic Research Associate, whom is one of the new additions to our Whole Health, Whole Beauty team.  


Previously an owner/operator of a Medical Vocational Training School with a Certification as Director with the State of California, Post Secondary Vocational Education, and over 25 years experience in the military medical field combined with learned life skills of holistic and alternatives to good health therapies.   His passion is Reflexology and aromatherapy, which stimulates the body’s own pain-killing system.  Karl offers Reflexology treatment to relieve stress and tension, and improve blood circulation and help unblock nerve impulses to achieve homeostasis.  Specializing in the Reflexology technical called the Egyptian™ Method, which uses a light slide to feel the tender reflex areas


Karl was trained as a Certified Instructor/Practitioner by Lynn Thomas Nelson C.R.I. of Digits International – Reflexology Institute, who is also the author of the Encyclopedia of Reflexology text designed for working professionals.  This text has an alphabetical listing of over 150 disorders, a quick reference guide to the disorders and their reflex areas, and the color charts of the hands and feet.  It is for the client to review before and after Karl performs the Reflexology.  The text purpose is to serve as the best form of education:  learning the new information, the application, and immediate results of Karl’s actions, as your Reflexology Practitioner.


To experience the “sprit” of Reflexology make your appointment with Karl today!


Foot Reflexology

30 min ..............................$75
1 hour ...............................$110